Info for Orthodontists - How this benefits you

How this benefits you, an Orthodontist:

  • App Referrals - this App is downloaded everyday by new patients worldwide
  • We need Orthodontists to refer these patients to
  • We would love to treat all these new patients, due to logistics we cannot
  • More Presence on the web with your listing
  • serves as a Search Engine for patients seeking orthodontists.

SmileSesame App users care about the aesthetics of their teeth and are interested in doing something to enhance them. These are active leads, meaning they have shown initiative and interest by completing the SmileSesame App process. The next step after receiving the response on whether or not they are a good candidate for Invisible Braces is to get them to a qualified Orthodontist in their area - YOU!

All SmileSesame users are sent the link to the SmileSesame website when they are given their consultation, whether they are a candidate or not. They could be a potential patient for braces or other orthodontic services. Once they enter the website they can find an orthodontist that is most convenient for them. They can base their query on whatever location they chose, home, work, etc. When the website generates the listing of orthodontists convenient for them, the orthodontists will be listed in a ranking order.