About Invisible Braces

A perfect smile, clearly!

During treatment with Invisible Braces you wear a series of clear plastic SmileSesames that snap into place over your teeth and gently reposition them to the desired end result. The SmileSesames are removable so you can eat what you want and easily clean your teeth. And the results are natural and permanent if retained properly - that means a great smile for the rest of your life.

Beam with confidence

People won't notice your aligners unless you point them out. They work fast - you'll see a big difference in just a few months. You can smile throughout your treatment!

Proven technology

Invisible Braces technology has already been tried and tested around the world with many patients successfully treated with beautiful smiles. Isn't it time to stop focusing on your problem teeth, and start focusing on the steps you can take today? Download the free SmileSesame App from iTune App Store or Google Play.


Treatment takes about a year and visits to the orthodontist may only be once every two months. Your orthodontist will use Invisible Braces technology to generate progressive sets of aligners in advance. As your teeth straighten up you move on to the next set - roughly every two weeks.


Invisible Braces costs around the same as treatment with braces.

Low maintenance

The aligners are comfortable to wear, kind to your teeth, and hygienic. You can pop them out to eat and to brush and floss as normal. So you can still have your coffee, red wine or a sticky treat! And lost SmileSesame are easily replaced.


This advanced new technology is virtually invisible - and we think that's pretty cool.